Mobility Pricing In Vancouver
Freeing Congestion, Reducing Overcrowding

Congestion is plaguing many cities across the world and Vancouver is no exception. Congestion problems are continuing to worsen around the Vancouver area. While efforts to expand public transit are in place, these infrastructure projects progress very slowly. It is for this reason that we seek to introduce mobility pricing into the Vancouver region. The Mobility Pricing strategy is part of the 2040 regional growth strategy of Vancouver.

What is Mobility Pricing?

Mobility pricing is the fee required by the municipality or town to access a city’s transportation network. This includes tolls for bridges, highways and expressway routes. As technology costs decline, many cities have contemplated implementing mobility pricing. Cities such as Toronto have yet to implement mobility pricing and is still up for debate. If you have been unfairly charged for any mobility parking tickets or for small claims matters, you can get help through these paralegals at Prudent Paralegal Services or

Mobility pricing is essential for maintaining infrastructure and as well as decreasing congestion. It also encourages the use of carpooling ultimately leading to fewer vehicles on the road.

The Zones

There are a total of 8 zones in which mobility pricing shall be introduced. The rates for these zones vary based on the time of day and the respective zone you are in.

The Fee Components

There will be two components of the mobility pricing. The first will be based on congestion charging and the second will be based on distance charges. Congestion charges will be dependent on the congestion at the time of day. Thanks to technological advances, we are now able to calculate this effectively.

Key Considerations

Mobility pricing must take into a variety of factors such as the impact on businesses and people. On this website we will be posting what we have heard from the general public regarding mobility pricing.

My name is Darrel and I commute to the metro downtown core everyday. Some days it can be frustrating but I support the move towards mobility pricing. - Darrel Williams